Share your Copperfield garden!

Hello Copperfield neighbours! Want a place to talk and share about our gardens? I have started a Facebook group and hope you will join! Would love to see all your flowers, exchange gardening tips, and share how lovely our community is shaping! – Candace Lowe

Copperfield’s community landscaping is typically rustic and natural, complete with multiple pathway systems linking our many parks, playgrounds and 3 signature ponds. The outdoor space at the Community Hall also includes tennis courts, an outdoor hockey rink and tot rink. Regardless of the season, there is a lot to enjoy in our community!


Homeowners or Businesses that have a landscaped Copperfield Stone Entrance Feature on their private property are responsible for maintaining the landscaping around it. This may include private property at single-family homes, townhouse/condo complexes or local businesses along 52nd St and along McIvor Blvd.

The Copperfield Community Association (C-MCA) has assisted Homeowners with this responsibility at times, through Volunteer help to weed & tidy shrubbery and in maintaining feature lighting.

The C-MCA relies on its Landscape Volunteers from the Community to help maintain the immediately surrounding shrubbery beds of the Stone Entrance Cairns or Statuary Sculptures located around our ponds and public park entrances.

The City of Calgary is responsible for all grass mowing and general maintenance of our trees along Copperfield’s main boulevards, for the grass and trees in our parks, around our ponds, and at the Community Centre.

One aspect of this that is not handled by the City directly, is the grass mowing along McIvor Blvd. This main road is subcontracted out to a private company that not only does Copperfield, but main roads all over the City. If you have concerns or questions about McIvor Blvd. in particular, that would still go through 311.


Our goal is to bring Volunteers, Homeowners and Businesses together to make Copperfield look its best!


It is through Volunteers that we have seen some beautiful improvements to the garden spaces around Copperfield recently. Thanks especially to our team leads Candace Lowe and Brenda Pacheco-Vega for re-starting this initiative again in Spring of 2018!

“Before” and “After” pictures of various garden beds have been posted to various community Facebook pages, as a fun way to connect with residents about the positive impact this type of volunteer work can have on individuals and for the community.

We know everyone lives busy lives, so if only a few hours, or a day here and there can be contributed, it would be greatly appreciated! Every little bit of effort helps.

Have a spot near you that you’d like to see tidied up? Let us know and the volunteers will arrange to meet you there to help make it beautiful again. If you are interested in becoming a Landscape Volunteer in Copperfield, we would love to have you join our group! We have a “Volunteers at Work” sandwich board sign and some equipment lent to us by City Parks, to make the job easier.

Our goal is to make Copperfield look its best and engage individual residents and businesses, one garden bed at a time. No experience necessary!

Please contact or call the Copperfield Hall office at 403-532-8864. Schedule will be posted on page. We could be near you next!


Landscape Volunteers sometimes enjoy working together in groups or you may see just individuals out hard at work. There are planned landscaping work sessions and spontaneous moments we head out to weed and tidy up spaces. Every little bit helps!

Landscape Volunteer vests, tools and At-Work in your Community signage are available to borrow when working in Copperfield’s parks, ponds and pathways. Please contact or call the Hall office at 403-532-8864 to book equipment.

Learn when our next landscaping cleanup session will be, by “liking” our Facebook page or joining the Landscape Volunteers group email and stay connected.

Invasive Plant Species in Copperfield – Canada Thistle.PDF, Perennial Sow-Thistle.PDF
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