VOL_NTEER – All that’s missing is U!

CMCA strives to be a well-managed and sustainable Community Association providing a safe and caring community through the engagement and education of residents in community planning, social and recreation activities.

Join us as we build a vibrant and healthy community through enhanced participation of neighbours! 

Requirements: Knowledge and skills in the areas of word processing, filing and organization

General Duties: Serves on the Executive Committee; Maintains copies of the organization’s bylaws and the Board’s policy statements; Maintains lists of officers, Board members and committee members; Brings official minute book to meetings; Maintains record of Board attendance; Ensures a quorum is present at Board meetings and AGM’s; Records all motions and decision of meetings; Signs Board minutes to attest to their accuracy; Records all corrections to the minutes; Maintains copies of minutes of both Board and committee meetings; Distributes copies of minutes to Board Members;

Newsletter Editor

Requirements: High level of organization skill, ability to multi-task and work with hard deadlines; Attention to detail, especially in editing, proofing; Proficient computer skills—use of Word, emailing, Internet

General Duties: Attend monthly CMCA Board meetings;Plan, organize, edit and write parts of the content of each month’s newsletter; Deadlines work 1 month ahead (ex: April newsletter produced in March); Coordinate with Mahogany Homeowners Association on deadlines and content; Communicate when necessary with Great News Media about production concerns; Coordinate content sharing across CMCA’s social media and website

All roles are required to:

  1. Commit to the work of the organization
  2. Be willing to serve on committees and attend committee meetings
  3. Attend monthly Board meetings, committee meetings when needed, and Annual General Meetings
  4. Support and participate in special events and fundraising activities
  5. Be a member in good standing of the Copperfield-Mahogany Community Association

If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please email president@cmcommunity.ca

2 Comments on "VOL_NTEER – All that’s missing is U!"

    1. Hi Robert,

      We have an amazing team of rink volunteers! Unfortunately we are victims of Covid delays and are waiting for the City to reconnect our rink water. We are looking into some other options in the meantime. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.


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