Copperfield Outdoor Rinks

Thank you Ryan Nield Photography for the drone photos of our rinks!

The hockey rink and tot rink at Copperfield Community Hall are now open for use! (Pending AHS Covid restrictions)

(As of February 8 – Updated information will be posted to our Facebook page if restrictions change)

The rinks are open for use under the following guidelines:

  • Hockey games are not allowed with players outside of your household. The nets are available for stick and puck practice or games with your own household only.
  • You may only skate with members of your immediate household. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance with skaters not from your household. If the rink is too busy, please come back when there are less people.
  • The maximum capacity of the hockey rink is 36 people. The maximum capacity of the tot rink is 10.

Please respect these guidelines so everyone is able to enjoy the rinks and we aren’t forced to close them.


  • Use of facilities and parking lot is at your own risk
  • No hockey allowed on the tot rink
  • Keep service doors at parking lot end closed
  • Alcohol and cannabis are not permitted on the premises
  • Lights will be on nightly until 10:00pm unless volunteers are doing maintenance. Planned maintenance days are often posted in the Facebook group Copperfield Rink
  • Please be respectful of other skaters and of the ice rinks


Did you know our hockey rink and tot rink are 100% volunteer run? Everything from shovelling snow to flooding ice to maintenance and repairs is done by someone like you or your next door neighbour.

If you can help keep our rinks running this winter for all the kids and families and hockey players to enjoy, please contact Kevin at


We would ask you to consider purchasing an annual CMCA membership of $30/year if you enjoy the rinks. These memberships directly support the rinks, community hall and events we run and help us better support the needs of our communities.

Memberships can be purchased on our website


Interested in donating a few dollars toward the rinks to thank our volunteers for their dedication? Just click here!

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