Ice Rink Volunteers Needed

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Kevin Lanh for stepping up to take on the Rink Volunteer Coordinator role!
If you’re interested in helping, please email him at


Copperfield is fortunate enough to have a hockey rink and tot skating rink at the Copperfield Community Hall. Our residents enjoy having close and FREE access to such a fun activity! But running a rink is hard and COLD work. Our rink is maintained by a dedicated crew of volunteers who are at the mercy of Calgary’s weather.



Ideal temperatures for flooding are -5 to -15 and cannot be done when it is below -20 because the hoses freeze up. If it snows, the snow needs to be completely cleared before flooding can start. It takes 7 to 10 floods to get a decent base that can be skated on. Our rink is completely out in the open, so when the sun beats down on it all day and the weather is warm the ice melts and evaporates rather quickly.


Once the base layers are complete the rink lights will sometimes be left off and nets locked up. This is done if the volunteers feel that the ice is not ready for heavy use. Children can usually skate without issue but adults playing shinny could easily go through the ice down to the concrete. Lights may also be left off if the rink needs maintenance or volunteers are planning on working on it that evening.

We are looking for members of our community to take on the following roles:

Outdoor Facilities:

  • Rink maintenance, which includes the cement in the rink, boards, fence and nets
  • Tennis court maintenance, which includes the fence, tennis court surface and nets
  • Outdoor equipment: Making sure the outdoor equipment is getting serviced and repaired as needed, Equipment includes, sweeper snow blower, leaf blower, lawn mower, weed whacker
  • Supporting the rink volunteers

Rink Volunteer coordinator

  • Organizing and recruiting volunteers
  • Maintaining the flooding equipment, hoses, nozzles
  • Overseeing the quality of the ice, when to keep lights off and nets locked up to discourage use of ice when it shouldn’t be used 

Training is provided for rink volunteers through the City of Calgary!

If you would like info on volunteering, please contact

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