Copperfield as an E.L.M. Community

Residents of Copperfield have expressed a desire for better landscaping maintenance in our community. The City of Calgary offers an Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) program that can help solve this problem.

Under the ELM program, the City gives the Copperfield-Mahogany Community Association (CMCA) the funds they would have spent maintaining our community, as well as funds they would collect from the property tax of every home in Copperfield. The CMCA then contracts their own landscaping company to complete the regular maintenance the City would have provided as well as the enhanced landscaping we decide to do. There will be a lengthy public engagement process to decide what enhancements are wanted before the City gives us a price point, but it ranges from $40-100 per home per year (this works out to $3.33-8.33 per month if you’re on the TIPP program).

In order to proceed with this program, 66.6% of Copperfield’s homes need to sign a petition that they are willing to pay this extra tax levy. The petition will not take place until approximately May 2019. As you can imagine, a petition of this magnitude will be a huge undertaking!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the homeowner on the title of the property may sign this petition, and each signature will be verified by the City.

More information about the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance program can be found at the City of Calgary website or email with any questions.

You can follow our progress and community engagement here, or on our Facebook page – Let’s Get EPIC! (Enhanced Parks in Copperfield).

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