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I am delighted to be the artist commissioned to paint two City of Calgary utility boxes in the Copperfield neighbourhood.  One of the boxes is on the corner of Copperpond Boulevard and McIvor Boulevard by the Shell station.  The other box is located on 52 St at Copperfield Gate just off of Stoney Trail. You probably saw me working there recently!


As I worked on my design concept I wanted to incorporate an element into the paintings that visually represent a theme of your neighbourhood.  With this in mind, I have added something to the paintings and I thought it would be fun to ask you to search for these elements. 

Here is a riddle that will help you look for these elements.

Each utility box painting has three of these in it.
Each of these three things is the same.
Each of these three things is different.

What did I put in the paintings?

Watch the Copperfield & Mahogany Community Association Facebook page for clues to this riddle!

Sharon Fortowsky

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