Copperfield Photo Moment

We have TWO winning photos this month, each unique in their style and sharing different aspects of our Community!

Landscape submitted by Kristy Hill, captured as she was walking her dog along Wildflower Pond!

Courtney MacDonald captures Benjamin and Averie smiling, as their first bike ride of the season called for a swing break!

SEND US your favourite moment in Copperfield for a chance to win a gift card or venue admission ticket! Please forward pics at any time to To view winning photos, please also visit our photo page and/or

Please remember that anyone recognizable in the photos must provide written consent (email is fine!) and that by submitting your photo you are giving the CMCA permission for its use. Submissions for our next edition must be received by the 10th of the month.

Clothing & Textiles Recycling Bin

The clothing & textiles recyling bin has a new home at the Copperfield Hall Community parking lot under the flagpole (6 Copperstone Way S.E.). We encourage you to divert textiles from the landfill and bring them here. Thanks to those who have already made donations to the bin!

Items please need to be clean, dry & bagged for protection, including old or stained clothes, slightly worn clothing, socks (holes or no), footwear (1 or a pair), hats, backpacks, curtains, towels, linens, pillows, comforters, and even stuffed animals! Please note, No hard plastic toys as these are not a recyclable textile!

All usable items will be donated locally first, used internationally, and any unusable items will be shredded and recycled into new products! A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the Community Association and Copperfield School.

  • Did you know that over 10,000 tons of textiles was dumped into the City of Calgary landfill in 2014? That pile of clothes would be as tall as the Calgary Tower.
  • 2019 marks the estimated timeline to bylaw textile waste being permitted into the city landfill.
  • Who would have thought, blue jeans make far superior insulation for homes than any insulation currently being sold!
  • Textiles can take of to 1000 years to decompose and through the process release chemicals and carbon dioxide into our environment.
  • “My Grandma’s the original recycler! She thought of new uses for everyday items”